Today, as we gather with family and friends to enjoy a holiday feast here in America, it’s appropriate to think about all the good things we are gifted with, and put aside the fears and worries of trying times. Here are some things I’m thankful for.

Nineteen years of happy marriage to my sweetheart and best friend, Ellen

A loving and always supportive mom and brothers, Doug and Russ, with their familes. The friendship and support of Ellen’s sister Ann and her family, as well as her other relatives.

A comfortable home in the woods, close to nature, surrounded by birds and animals, replete with all the electronic gadgets that make life and work easier.

Work and a career that I enjoy and find entertaining and challenging. Twenty-one years of freelance success, long may it continue.

A new side-line career as publisher and seller of original prints, which has succeeded far beyond expectations, thanks to loyal and generous friends and fans, like:

Neil Gaiman, who has shilled for me with enthusiasm.

Partners Alan Moore and Alex Ross, both very supportive.

Heidi MacDonald at Publisher’s Weekly’s The Beat, Augie De Blieck Jr. at CBR, JK Parkin and others at Blog @ Newsarama, Joe Gordon at Forbidden Planet’s blog, and many others who’ve supported me and my print partners.

And you, the readers of this blog, who keep coming back for more. Can’t thank you enough!

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