The 2010 Easter Eggstravaganza


We’re at Ellen’s sister Ann’s for Easter, and yesterday once again doing the egg coloring event. Here, preparations are being made, and Paas colors and components assembled. This year I found a deluxe Paas set with some extra tools like paint and glitter. I brought my own tools as well, like Scotch Magic Tape, scissors and (new this year) a hole punch for small circles of tape. Then there’s the tried and true Paas tools such as the clear wax crayon, small stickers and of course the nine Paas dyes, which are mixed with vinegar for brightest colors.


Competing are Ann, Ellen (behind Ann), Cristina, Josh (Dave’s son, the newby), Zach and myself. We’re well into into it here. Paper plates and paper towels are handy to wipe excess colors and dry the eggs. Finished ones sit in the egg cartons. Some players, like Ann, work on several eggs at the same time, in stages, while I prefer to do one at a time. Most of the eggs we do require using multiple dye dips and more than one technique, so it takes a few hours, and this year I only got six eggs done. Zach and Josh each did eight, I think, with the ladies doing seven each.


As the coloring nears the end, the activity is fast and furious, and the table is a mess! All signs that everyone is giving their all.


Finally the last egg is colored and tweaked, and we wake up the judge, Dave, from his nap, and all have some Strawberry Parfait Pie while he does the judging in about a dozen categories, some of which we have suggested, some he makes up.


It isn’t allowed to let the judge know who did which eggs, but somehow he chooses several from each of us. Here is one group of winners. Some labels are a bit hard to read, the top row is (I think) “Most Electric,” “Texturized,” “Spring-ee,” and perhaps the most cryptic category is “Neck Tie.” Several of these are mine, but I think everyone is represented.


And the other group of winners, think all the labels on these are readable. We have a lot of fun doing this, and it seems to get more elaborate and diverse every year.


There are many fine examples among those not chosen by judge Dave, and the awards could have gone on, but everyone was tired and satisfied with the choices. Today we’ll start eating some of them. If you’d like to compare with last year’s eggs, and see some of our process in step-by-step, the link is HERE.

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