5 thoughts on “The First Smashed Logo?

  1. Bruce M

    Pretty sure messed up logos were stock in trade for the legendary Will Eisner. It was his ability and willingness to use the logo in the story’s splash panels and covers that set him apart, among other things.
    I didn’t go through the Spirit Archives, but I’m pretty sure that you would not have to go far to find his own first logo work. A smashed one, I don’t know. A dripping one, or a skyscraper one, yeah, all over.

  2. Todd Post author

    Yes, I thought of The Spirit, but I don’t think Eisner ever did a smashed logo, per se. What I’m thinking of, as in the example, is taking an existing logo (or what looks like one) and having a character or some object in the art smashing it.

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