THE ILLEGALISTS and why you should support it!

Illegalists1_01_colorImages © Stefan Vogel.

On November 16, 2013, I received an email from Stefan Vogel asking if I would be available to letter his self-funded comic, “The Illegalists.” He wrote,

Set in Paris 1911, against a backdrop of thieves, bohemians and anarchists; a struggling mechanic is forced into crime, and seeks vengeance on the Chief of Police, becoming France’s most dangerous and wanted man.

Stefan had co-written the script with Laura Pierce, was having the art done by Attila Futaki, and colored by Greg Guilhaumond, sample above.

Generally I don’t have time for over-the-transom jobs like this, but I liked the art samples Stefan sent, and asked him to send me the rest of the art he had ready, and the script. When I’d received them, and read everything, I was impressed. The writing and art were both excellent, the story was exciting, passionate and dramatic. It was a crime story, but one where the criminals have been so badly treated one can’t help sympathize with them when they decide to break the law. I told Stefan if he would meet my rate, I would letter the book.

Illegalists 1_01_ltrsOver two years later, the first half of the story is complete, the equivalent of three US comics, or one European album, all funded by Stefan out of his own pocket. He has decided to try to raise funds to finish the story and self-publish it through a Kickstarter. I sincerely recommend you have a look, watch the video, and consider joining the campaign. I think it’s an excellent book and deserves to be published. Here’s the Kickstarter and the video:

And if you decide to kick something in, please mention you heard about it here. Thanks!

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