The World Series of Birding 2014, how you can help!


Two weeks from tomorrow, Saturday May 10th, is the annual outdoor escapade and fundraiser known as The World Series of Birding. Ellen and I have signed up with the Cape May Bird Observatory Century Run team as usual. Along with many other teams we will attempt to spot as many bird species as possible. The top teams will go from midnight to midnight, and cover the entire state of New Jersey. Our Century Run team’s goals are a little more relaxed: we go from 5 AM to about 9 PM and stay within Cape May County. It’s still a marathon to test one’s determination and stamina, but usually a lot of fun, too. Each participant pledges a minimum of $1 per species seen, which you can supplement with pledges from friends and family if you like. And that, my good friends, is where you can participate!

As in the past, I’m encouraging you to make a pledge for my WSB big day, to help me raise funds for the Cape May Bird Observatory, part of the New Jersey Audubon Society, and their valuable mission of conservation, education and research. You can pledge any amount, but the usual method is to pledge per species seen. Last year our total was 137 species, not our best effort, but not bad. A more typical total is 140 species. If we tally 140 species, a pledge of 50 cents per would result in a monetary gift of $70. A pledge of $1 per species would mean a gift of $140. As a bonus, I’m offering any of my Signed Prints as incentives: for a pledge of 50 cents per species, the print of your choice, for $1 per species, any two! Higher pledges are welcome and will garner more prints in the same ratio. Pledges lower than 50 cents will get you a signed comic or two that I lettered, my choice, if you would like that. All pledges will support education about and preservation of New Jersey wildlife and natural resources, as well as my enduring gratitude!

Here’s a LINK to my blog about last year’s WSB Century Run, if you’d care to read it. And if you’d like to pledge, click the CONTACT ME link  here or in the right column of this page and let me know by email. I’ll be collecting pledges until May 9th. Our team will be out there tallying on the 10th, rain or shine, hoping for good weather and lots of migrating birds. Who knows, maybe this year we’ll hit the elusive goal of 150 species. That would be super!

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