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Saturday’s post about the font Comic Sans is making its way around the internet at large, well beyond the comics world. Kind of thought it might, but I’m surprised it happened so quickly. That’s the internet for you. 652 views yesterday, 751 so far today. By comparison, the next one down is my Batman logo study part 1 with 15 views today. 

I’m working on my next logo study, it should be ready soon. I need to consult with an expert witness who’s away on vacation until tomorrow. If I can reach him then I might be starting it tomorrow evening.

News on the signed print front at last: the art for the next print is done and on its way to me. I’ll have more info on that soon, have to get to work on my part of it first.

Spring is here, with lots of wind and rain, though the weekend was pretty nice. I put out our hummingbird feeders yesterday, and the first male hummer showed up today. Good timing!

2 thoughts on “This and that

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  2. Chris Bissette

    I’m very much looking forward to another print – it’s good to hear there’s one on the way!

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