This Week’s Nature Pics


Images © Todd Klein

The World Series of Birding is next Saturday, and the best time of year for seeing birds here is upon us. I’ve been getting out early as often as I can in search of them. Here’s a foggy morning in Belleplain State Forest.


A Prairie Warbler in Belleplain, a rare warbler close enough for a decent picture.


Usually I resort to photographing things that don’t move like this unusual lichen.


The beaver pond in Belleplain is a good place to find Prothonotary Warbler. I heard them, but didn’t see them.


A walk at The Beanery in Cape May brought this nice picture of a Killdeer.


And an afternoon walk with Ellen at Cox Hall Creek allowed me a pretty good Bluebird shot.


The oak leaves are emerging, and insects will soon follow to eat them while they’re tender.


Back home in our yard, Azaleas like this large-flowered native one are blooming…


…along with the imported ones.


The non-native pink dogwood is also colorful, and there are lots of native white ones in the woods.


It’s finally getting warm enough to keep the sliding door to the screened porch open for a while. So what do the cats do, when they can no longer bug me to open and close the door? Go upstairs for a nap on the bed, of course!

I’m kind of disappointed that I haven’t had any new pledgers for my fundraising efforts on the World Series of Birding this year, just two terrific repeat pledgers who support me every year. Please consider making a small pledge to this worthy cause, the only fundraiser I do all year. You can read more HERE. Thanks.

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