This Year’s San Diego Hotel Room Lottery

Last year I made out really well in the annual online application for hotel rooms for Comic-Con, getting my second choice hotel downtown. This year, while the application process went as smoothly and I had my 20 hotels chosen and the application sent within 6 minutes of the site going live, not so good. Didn’t get any of my chosen hotels, but I did at least get a room, in Mission Valley, about 5.5 miles from the convention center. It’s on the free Con shuttle route at least, and shuttle travel time is listed as 15-20 minutes, so I guess I can live with that (even if, as I would expect, actual travel times are longer). And the room rate is about $100 less per night than most downtown hotels. I’ll give it a try, and see how I like staying a few miles out of town. I know I’m going to miss the chance for a quick hotel crash before dinner, but otherwise it may be fine. Sure would like to know who got all the downtown rooms. They can’t all be going to vendors and exhibitors, can they? I’m guessing the so-called time-stamp system of processing orders isn’t really working, seems more like a pure lottery from what I’ve been reading from others. Some got good rooms, some got none. So, could be worse. I then booked my airline flights, and that cost as much as a room in Mission Valley for 5 nights. I could have saved a hundred or two by flying at inconvenient times, but that’s not worth it to me either.

I will be at the Con this year, assuming I get my Pro badge. If you’re going, perhaps I’ll see you there.

4 thoughts on “This Year’s San Diego Hotel Room Lottery

  1. Robert

    Congrats Andre! Hotel Solamar is a great hotel. Some celebrities stay there during SDCC, so keep an eye out. But here’s what I don’t understand – You didn’t get any hotel on your list yet you managed to land a room at the Solamar. Hotel Solamar was one of my 20 choices but I didn’t get anything. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time.

  2. Todd Post author

    If you think about it, the so-called time-stamp system that is meant to give people their choices in order received can’t possibly work unless you process the orders one at a time. If, as I assume, they have many agents processing orders at the same time, it’s a lottery. If your order was on the bottom of a particular agent’s stack, you got a bad choice, or no choice.

  3. Jose

    I was one of many who got nothing in this lottery. I got in 10 minutes after registration opened and submitted 15 hotels. I heard a rumor that there will be a second chance on April 10 for rooms that no deposit were made but I not seen confirmation on this. If not, I also plan on getting room at Mission Valley

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