Three from San Diego

Image © Gary Gianni.

I walk around the Exhibit Hall in San Diego for three and a half days, meeting old friends and making new acquaintances, and sometimes people give me things. Here are three shorter ones. MYSTERIOUS ISLANDS is a sampler of Gary Gianni’s work with a one-page introductory story of sorts. In addition to older work, there are samples from two new projects, one with Ray Bradbury, the other an illustrated edition of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu.” There are 1000 signed and numbered copies, and they’re available from Flesk Publications for $10. Gary’s work is a favorite of mine, this is a nice introduction to it.

Image © Zander Cannon.

In addition to more ambitious works like the SMAX miniseries and TOP 10, Zander does humorous mini-comics like this one. If you know what Feng Shui is, and imagine it handled like Kung Fu, you’ve got the idea. I don’t know what Zander asks for these, but you can contact him at his website. Funny stuff!

Image © Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá.

These twin brothers from Brazil have been a great success in America, and just won an Eisner for Best Limited Series for their Vertigo book DAYTRIPPER. I talked to Gabriel (at least I think it was Gabriel) at his booth, where they were giving out these very nice 40-page booklets that are largely wordless examples of their art and storytelling, with a few descriptions of what they do in four languages. Gabriel told me they hand them out wherever they go, especially in places where comics are not well known, to give the curious an idea of what the medium is all about. It does that quite well, and is a fine showcase for their work. Not sure how you can get one, but try contacting them at their blog.

I’ll have more of this sort of thing in the days to come.

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