Tigger and Leo are Four


Tigger, above, Leo below.


Our orange brother cats were born four years ago today. They’re adopted, and it’s not usual to know the exact birthdate in that case, but they were born to a stray cat in the barn of a friend of Ellen, so that’s how we know.


It seems only yesterday that we brought them home, but they WERE a lot smaller then! And very cute and funny nearly all the time. Now they’re more sedentary adults. They do run around once in a while, and act crazy, but not as often. And when they do, it’s hard to get pictures. As soon as the camera comes out, they stop! I did manage to get a short video clip of them playing with a leaf on our screened porch today, though they play a lot more actively than this usually.

TiggerLeoAge4 from Todd Klein on Vimeo.

We love our kitties, sorry for being self indulgent, but there we are.

2 thoughts on “Tigger and Leo are Four

  1. kelly cramer

    Happy Birthday Tigger and Leo from your sister Bella!! I love reading about your boys, wish I could say Bella was like them but she is very active always getting in to things, knocking stuff off shelves, stealing anything Bob put on his dresser!! She can being loving at times but more likely she runs up and bites us, we keep thinking she will settle down as she gets older….we’ll keep waiting I guess! Kelly

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