Tigger and Leo Chill Out


We’ve been letting the kittens out for most of the day all this past week, and they’ve now grown more used to it, and are therefore not constantly bouncing off the walls like they were last week. Sure, they still have their romp times, but also are spending more time chllling out on the kitchen chair, as above…


…or relaxing on the couch in the living room. I did some further cat-proofing in there last weekend and this weekend, so we’re more comfortable with them being there unsupervised, too.


They like to chew on paper, as shown, so we have to keep any books or magazines we don’t want sampled out of their reach.


Then there’s the tall bookcase next to the stairs that Leo was attempting to climb to the top of. Our cat Felix used to do that when he was young, and Ellen wanted it nipped in the bud, so I made the barrier shown here, essentially a giant bookend, blocking off that option.


The kittens like to play with string, so lampcords and all kinds of wires and cables have to be put out of reach, or covered somehow. The two lamps on the end tables in the living room are particularly vulnerable, and the kittens often have to be scolded for trying to chew the cords. We were keeping them unplugged when not in use, but today I took further steps to make them unchewable. I pushed most of the cord inside the lamp body, then covered the exposed parts with double-sided tape, which they won’t bite. We’ll see how that goes.


We often have dinner in the living room, on trays, watching TV, and Leo has started crawling under Ellen’s tray for a nap. Tigger keeps trying to get his nose in our food, but after a few reprimands finally gets the message and naps, too.


This is probably the most unusual place he’s chosen for that, atop the scratching post platform, where he barely fits.


In the kitchen we have a corner cabinet with revolving shelves. The new cat trick there is climbing in behind the turntable, knocking over a few boxes along the way. Sometimes Tigger goes in…


…and a moment later, Leo comes out. The old switcheroo. The cat food is on the upper shelf in this cabinet, which is probably what attracts them.


When that gets old, they’re now going into the bathroom to play in the tub. Why they want to jump, wrestle and fall in and out of the cold, hard slippery tub is a mystery, but that’s cats for you. Racing around like maniacs, and wrestiing on their “jungle gym”, the back staircase, are other popular games. We’re still keeping them out of our bedroom and the library, and I shut my studio when I’m not in there, but otherwise we’re all getting used to having the kittens out and about more. Katie, our older cat, is still not thrilled, but getting more used to the idea.

2 thoughts on “Tigger and Leo Chill Out

  1. kelly

    The fun continues, Bella also has taken to exploring the tub mostly when I’m in it, I’m just waiting for her to jump in. Bella has been getting reprimanded for biting and knocking things off endtables. I know that’s what kittens do, but they have to learn what no means.

  2. Todd Post author

    Absolutely. Our kittens were playing in the wet shower stall this morning, so they must be unusually water-loving cats. Be careful with the water temperature in the tub, I knew someone once whose cat fell into a tub of hot water and was badly scalded.

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