Tigger and the grape stem

Now that he’s an adult, our cat Tigger doesn’t play with toys very often, unlike his brother Leo, who’s still into that.

But there’s something about grape stems that he finds fascinating. If we leave them in the compost bowl on the sink, somehow he knows, and will jump up there as soon as we’re out of the room and retrieve them to play with. Just handing one to him isn’t nearly as much fun.

But putting it on the table works fine, where he can bat at it until it falls to the floor.

Tigger is a southpaw, as they say, a lefty! Batting away…

…but sometimes the right hook does the trick!

Good, now I’ve got it on the floor and can toss it around and bat it all I want, thinks Tigger. A few minutes later, he’s bored, and lies down for a nap, but he’ll probably pick up the game again later. (This one’s for you, Kelly!)

One thought on “Tigger and the grape stem

  1. kelly

    Bella loves to play with anything but her toys.. somehow she knows what she cant have and that makes it alot more fun.What fun they are to watch!!!

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