Todd at Comic-Con Thursday

Here’s where I’ll be Thursday afternoon, from the official program guide:

2:00-3:30 Spotlight on Todd Klein—Eisner Award-winning letterer and logo designer Todd Klein (Sandman, Fables) is joined by moderator Mark Evanier (Fanboy, Kirby: King of Comics) for a discussion of his 30-plus years in comics, from early days on staff at DC and lettering by hand to his present-day freelance career on many titles for DC, Marvel, and others, mainly on the computer. Focus will be on the intricacies of lettering, logo design, and more, as Todd and Mark show and discuss images of classic comics logos. Todd will also cover his recent self-published signed prints by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman and give away several copies of each. Room 8

I’ll have more info later, but it’s still amazing to me that I’m actually going to have a Spotlight Panel. And Mark Evanier is going to moderate it and interview me. And, geez it’s an hour and a half! Mark told me, “I asked for an extra half hour so we could talk about the intricacies of lettering.” Okay, now I wonder if anyone will show up…? Oh, right, I’m giving away prints. That should get a few folks in at least. (insert smiley face here)

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