Turtle, Bird, Worm


Why does the Snapping Turtle cross the road? To get to another pond with a female turtle in it is my guess. I helped this one across today. He was about six inches wide and weighed maybe 10 pounds. They get much bigger. Snappers are feisty, he hissed and tried to reach my hands to bite, but didn’t succeed. Hope he gets where he’s going without having to cross any more roads.


And here’s a Worm-eating Warbler doing just that. They’re very hard to see normally, but this afternoon in Belleplain Ellen and I watched this one on the ground near the road turning over leaves and finding worms, chipping quietly to itself all the while. A very cool thing to see. Not quite in focus (my camera’s autofocus couldn’t keep up), but not bad for a warbler picture. The other 15 photos were useless.

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