Two Short Reads from San Diego


© Zander Cannon and Stan Sakai, respectively.

Most years when I’m walking around Artist’s Alley in San Diego chatting to friends and making some new ones, I’m given a few samples. This year there were two that stand out.

The latest mini-comic from Zander Cannon, “Space Slug, You Are Boomed.” continues his series about his very funny son Jin. Zander is always putting quotes from Jin on Facebook, and usually I tend to skip by such things, but Jin really is quite entertaining. I’m not sure how you might get one of these, but you might contact Zander on his Big Time Attic website to find out.

Stan Sakai continues to produce great work like Usagi Yojimbo, and this year’s sketchbook has plenty of that as well as some other things he’s working on like 47 RONIN for Dark Horse. And there are some funny short strips about Stan and his work here, too, such as what Usagi thinks about Stan taking time off to work on another book. Again, I’m not sure how one might get a copy, but you might try contacting Stan through the Usagi Yojimbo website.

And both Zander and Stan are on Facebook, so you might reach them there.

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