Two Years On…


This blog and my website will be online two years on July 3rd, in two days. I’ll be away for the next few days at a Klein family gathering, so I thought I’d write about it now.

To date: 645 posts by yours truly, 1515 comments by all of you. Traffic has continued to gradually increase over the year, from about 500 page views daily to about 1000 page views daily, on average. One-day viewing record was just recently, June 25th, with 2,988 page views. Very gratifying, thanks!

Posts with the most views over the past year continue to be the five-part Batman logo study, with a combined 35,449 views. My examination of the Microsoft font Comic Sans was the next most viewed, with 7,040. Then Neil Gaiman’s influence is felt, with Revisiting DEATH getting 4,525 views. Recently, my newest five-part logo study on Aquaman was and continues to be popular.

Where next? Probably more of the same. More logo studies, more signed prints, more reviews, more about all the things that interest me. Haven’t had a single comment about the revisions to my website, but that means no problems or complaints either, so I’m fine with that. Still enjoying putting my thoughts down here, and getting your reactions to them.

Back soon. Then: onward!

8 thoughts on “Two Years On…

  1. Lawrence

    Congratulations, Todd. This is one of the best blogs out there. Your insight into your craft is immense and wonderful to behold. I know that sounds a little too laudatory, but I’m serious. Congratulations on two years.

    And who’s Kurt Busiek? 🙂

  2. Laura

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog over the last couple years (I think I started reading a couple months in?). The variety of posts is great, from the interesting details with the logo studies to the deliciousness of the vegetarian recipes. So thank you for writing!

  3. Danry Ocampo

    Hi Mr. Klein,

    Congratulations Sir! I am a fan of your Green Lantern stories and “And I Read ” reviews. Cool blog!!!

    Thanks . Greetings from the Philippines!


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