Unused Logo: KAINE

Here are some sketches I did for Marvel Comics some time in the 1990s for their character Kaine, who first appeared in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #119 cover-dated Dec. 1994. I imagine they were thinking of a series for him, but if so it doesn’t seem to have happened. The only place I’ve found what looks like a logo for the character on a cover is on WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #124:

Image © Marvel

The logo is developed from the cover lettering blurb, both I believe by Comicraft.  Looking at the sketches, it seems like they were after something monumental and ancient in feel because they asked for a second version of sketch 1 with telescoping and stony cracks (and a more standard K and A), rather like the Hulk logo. I also offered sketch 4 as a stone-ish idea, though I have to say it looks more like turds to me now!

I have no record of a final version, so I was probably paid a kill fee for this. When they needed a logo they went with the Comicraft idea, which is pretty good, I think, though I don’t like the very thin center stroke on the E. I still prefer my sketch 2.

3 thoughts on “Unused Logo: KAINE

  1. Jamie

    Heheh… you typed ‘turds’.
    That made me LOL, literally.

    I enjoy seeing these peeks into the creative process.
    Thanks Todd.

  2. Somebody

    Of yours, I like (1) best. (2) & (3) seem very like fonts used on a LOT of blurbs & logos by 90s Marvel.

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