Up on the roof…

It’s been mighty noisy here the last two days, as we’ve been having a new roof put on. We moved into a new house here in 1989, then added on in 1996. The darker roof on the left is the original one, with shingles rated for 20 years, and it’s been 19. You can see they’re starting to crumble. And I’ve long disliked the two-color dividing line between the old and less old, so we decided to go ahead and get all new shingles and underlayment this year.

Most of yesterday the crew spent removing the old roof. Lots of loud scraping sounds.

Toward the end of the day they started putting down a new underlayment of tarry paper and brought up all the shingles.

This is the way it looked this morning, partly done. Lots of heavy banging and thumping all day. Katie Cat was not pleased, but still wanted her meals.

By 2 PM this afternoon, it was all done, and cleaned up, and they were gone. Amazing. Hopefully we’re now good for the next 30 years (longer rating on the shingles).

One thought on “Up on the roof…

  1. Torsten Adair

    Looks nice!

    One summer, our 30-year-old house finally sustained enough hail damage that the insurance paid for a new roof. So, during the Fourth-of-July weekend (in Nebraska!), my father and I re-shingled the entire roof.

    Of course, the coolest thing is getting up on the roof and peering around the neighborhood from a different perspective.

    Hey… you know the windows on the extension don’t have shutters?

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