Warm, Windy Winter

We’ve had a warm winter so far. Barely any snow (a heavy dusting twice) and temperatures often over the freezing mark. It got up to the mid 60’s this week. Today is very windy, though, as we get an arctic blast rushing through.

Daffodils are coming up through the fallen leaves at the yard edge, they’re convinced spring is not far away.

Our pond in winter, looking rather neglected. The waterfall pump is turned off, and leaves and algae run amuck. The water level has been consistently a few inches lower that usual for at least a week now, even after some rain, so I suspect our large vole population has chewed through the liner along the edge somewhere. I’ll have to deal with that come spring, too.

There’s still plenty of water for our large, solitary goldfish, partially seen here, a survivor of many years, long after his hatch mates. This photo has three layers: reflection, pond surface and pond interior, much like that M.C. Escher print, but not as well designed.

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