Warming Trends

Uncredited photo from the Pine Woods Audubon Society site.

On my walk around the neighborhood this afternoon I heard two Pine Warblers singing. They’re one of the first spring migrants that nest locally to arrive, but I don’t recall ever hearing or seeing them this early in the year. The first week of April is more usual. Of course, we have had a very mild winter, and birds take advantage of any opportunity. Other bird migration trends seem equally early. We generally have lots of wintering waterfowl in the area through the end of April, but many of them have already headed north to their nesting grounds. Spring pollen is already here, as my itchy eyes can attest, and this week I spent time working in the yard, where all the plants are putting out new growth, including a healthy crop of weeds in the flower beds. An article in the paper this morning mentioned that rising ocean levels could start having an effect on the New Jersey coast in the next two decades, meaning storm flooding will increase and storm tides become more dangerous. Nature will adapt to these trends, but will we? Only time will tell.

One thought on “Warming Trends

  1. Shawn

    Having moved to Indiana, it’s been wonderful to see such early pairs of Cardinals right outside the window! They play and eat at the feeder all morning. A great start to spring!

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