Watch This Space

Coming SoonTomorrow, Monday, I’ll be unveiling a personal project I’ve been planning and working on for the last few months. Something that will be available exclusively on this website. I’m quite excited about it, and hope you will be too.I’m also gathering information for a new Logo Study for one of the most iconic adventure characters of the last century. I hope to have that for you next week as well.Okay, it’s a just a teaser. Guesses about the Logo Study are welcome!

6 thoughts on “Watch This Space

  1. Axel M. Gruner

    I am intrigued…

    “one of the most iconic adventure characters of the last century”…?

    The Shadow?
    The Phantom?
    Since you have created one rather nice Phantom Logo it’s probably the Ghost who walks, right?


    I would love it to be one of these unlikely guesses:

    Keep up the good blogging Todd!

  3. Todd Post author

    Well, I did say it would be a “character,” so that leaves out teams and company logos, doesn’t it? You’ll find out tomorrow.

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