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I did not read a lot of their adventures growing up, except as part of The Avengers, but I always thought the ant and wasp connection was interesting. I heard good things about this film, and it lived up: funny, exciting, action-packed, good characters, interesting ideas. For one thing, the writers thought of many more uses for the shrinking/growing science than I ever imagined. This is a sequel to the film “Ant-Man,” which I haven’t seen.

Paul Rudd as the new Ant-Man looked familiar, but all I could find in his credits that I’ve seen were some “Seinfeld” episodes. He’s under house arrest for crimes committed when helping Captain America (perhaps in a film I haven’t seen). His young daughter visits, and the opening sequence with her is a charming cardboard-cut-out adventure he’s made for her that takes over his house. The original Ant-Man, played by Michael Douglas, is hiding from authorities, using his shrinking power to hide his entire laboratory. With him is his daughter Hope, played by Evangeline Lilly, the new Wasp. They are trying to find a way to rescue the original Wasp, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, who has been trapped in the quantum realm for decades. They need the new Ant-Man’s help for that, but he’s only days away from freedom from house arrest.

To say the plot is complex is putting it mildly, but it all worked for me. There are plenty of action sequences, hundreds of uses of the shrinking/growing power, which for Paul Rudd’s character often seems to malfunction, and time is taken for nice character moments too. I liked nearly everything about this film, though I don’t think I could give you a coherent synopsis of the plot. Just go with the flow and have fun.

Oh, one thing. I was pranked into staying to the very end of the credits by some “friends” on Facebook talking about the extra scene there of great importance. It’s not. It’s nothing you haven’t already seen in the film. There is a longer mid-credits scene that looks like a coming attractions for a third film. That one is worth seeing.



2 thoughts on “Watching: ANT-MAN AND THE WASP

  1. Jamie Hickson

    I like that you try not to spoil things in your movie reviews, Todd.

    But, I feel this review would have benefited from you seeing the first Ant-Man movie.

    Paul Rudd is the star of that one, too, and Micheal Douglas’ version of Ant-Man
    is basically referred to for context about the shrinking tech and Marvel character history.
    Douglas portrays Hank Pym in the first film, and there are references to Janet,
    but we never see her.

    If you liked Ant-Man and the Wasp, I think you’d enjoy the first Ant-Man.
    It has much of the same fun and spirit of this one, and really sets things up
    for the new movie.

    As for Paul Rudd, he’s been in tons of movies and tv shows, many of which
    might not be your taste, but he is a pretty good actor overall, so if you see his
    name on something that seems interesting, you might enjoy it, too.

    BTW… he was on Friends for a few episodes, not Seinfeld.
    That was some bad info you got.

    I hope I’m not coming across as some kind of “know-it-all”.
    As always, thanks for keeping up with the blogging.

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