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So, Ellen and I were trying to think of something a little different to do for my birthday yesterday, and she suggested going to the IMAX theater in Atlantic City. I checked the listings and only “Tron: Legacy” was playing, which I thought I might enjoy, since I liked the first one from many years ago. It’s definitely not Ellen’s sort of film, but she agreed and we went.

Essentially it’s two hours of eye candy. Impressive special effects, but very out-front ones for the most part, just about what you’d expect. I liked that aspect of the first film, but computer animation was newer, and I was a much younger geek then. Now I have to say I prefer special effects and CGI to be more integrated into an interesting story, like “Avatar,” for instance. The only somewhat subtle touch was the CGI young Jeff Bridges head on the character Clue. Well done, but once the aging Bridges shows up, the young one becomes less convincing and more of a gimmick. Other actors are mainly present as more eye candy: attractive, fit bodies in skin-tight costumes and heavy makeup performing athletic acrobatic fights and races. Nothing wrong with that, but while it entertained me visually, it did not involve me in the story, which was pretty thin stuff in any case, more like a video game than anything, moving one along from one level to another and out.

Mildly recommended for anyone my age (!), probably more appealing to young guys.

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