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We went to the beach Saturday for the first time this summer, and from that you might normally expect pics of the waves, sand, shore, maybe family shots. I did take a few of those, but these nature shots interested me more. There are storm sewer outflow pipes on the beach where we go to swim, and covering them are massive colonies of two shellfish species: barnacles (the lighter ones above) and mussels (the darker ones below). Each seems to have it’s particular comfort zone and habitat.

Here’s a closer look at the boundary. One can almost imagine a very slow turf war here between light and dark, an epic struggle.

Scattered along the beach were about a dozen large jellyfish, I believe the species “Lion’s Mane,” though I could well be wrong. The top part is a mushroom-like cap. Looking down into this one I can imagine some kind of dying alien intelligence looking back.

On the underside, in this case torn away from the cap, is a collection of anemone-like pseudopods, looking rather like a half-melted ice sculpture.

Sunday evening we went to the beach again for a fireworks display, in a different shore town this time, after a nice Mexican dinner. We brought our beach chairs and enjoyed the pleasant temperatures, also walked to the town hall to hear part of a classical music concert before settling in for the fireworks show. Here the fireworks are set off from a barge out in the water, and the show was typical, but quite fun. Who doesn’t love fireworks, other than animals and war vets perhaps? And who can resist trying to photograph them, even when the results will mostly be poor. This one is the most in-focus attempt.

This one was the most colorful.

Today, July 4th, we’re staying home to avoid the crowds. On our porch, Tigger and Leo are on Chipmunk watch, searching high and low, and we all saw the beast at lunch time. Other distractions like bugs are always welcome. Leo uncovered a HUGE horned beetle hiding in a crack at the edge of the porch yesterday, inside, and I greatly regret not getting a picture of it, but I have to admit I was a little freaked out myself. It must have measured at least two inches long, and I was anxious to get it outside quickly!

A few images from our holiday weekend, hope yours is good as well!

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