When Lettering Takes Center Stage


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Usually in comics lettering takes a supporting role behind the writing, art, and even the coloring. It’s an important role, but not one that is meant to stand out, sort of like the soundtrack of a film or even more appropriately the title cards of a silent film. There are places where lettering is meant to be noticed, like the title page and certain places where sound effects are important, and occasionally lettering gets to walk right up to the front of the reader’s attention and show off. This was the case in a 1991 issue of THE DEMON, #16, written by Alan Grant, art by Val Semeiks and Bob Smith, lettering by myself. The script called for a representation of a page in a medieval book of spells, but one that was actually more of a crossword puzzle filled in. When I got the pencilled art, I probably drew in the lines of the crossword and put in the large calligraphic letters as indicated by Val Semeiks. It’s likely I also inked in his lettering on the central monogram, too. While that and the thorny borders are fine work, there’s no denying that the lettering had a chance to shine here, and I enjoyed that. When the art was eventually returned to Val, he gave me this page, a very kind gift. I thought you might enjoy seeing it. And, if you’re interested in owning this page, I have it on eBay HERE. While I’ve enjoyed owning it for many years, I feel it’s now time to pass it on. I’d be happy to sign it for you.

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