Winter Has Me In Its Grip

“Think I’ll take a southern trip” is the second line of that Don McLean song, and I’m feeling it today. There are plenty of people in the U.S. with colder winters than ours, and plenty with warmer. I’d say we’re right about in the middle of that demographic. It’s been cold this past week, though, with temperatures in the teens and twenties some days, and an inch of snow yesterday. As I get older I understand the urge to go south for the winter more and more.

I’ve been busy with regular lettering work and a little design work this past week, and it looks like that will continue into next week. I’m fine with that, though it means I’m not getting my prints colored. Finally worked on them for two hours today, and will do some tomorrow, but there’s still lots to do there.

Today the National Figure Skating competitions are on TV, a must-see event for Ellen, and I enjoy them too. We’re recording them, and watched the first hour while we had dinner. One of the pairs teams we’ve been following for years, Inoue and Baldwin, had an emotional moment after their performance when he proposed to her on the ice. She said yes. Can’t imagine a more nerve-racking way to go about that…

Not much else on TV lately I’ve wanted to see, though “Lost” returns this week for a short season. I got sucked into that one on the second episode, and though I doubt it’ll all ever make sense, I enjoy the characters, the writing, and the cinematography (if that’s the right word). My other guilty pleasure, “Survivor” should be back next month, too, I imagine. Meanwhile, I have more time to read, which is always good.

The birds are keeping me busy filling their feeders. I’ve nearly gone through 100 pounds of black oil sunflower seeds already. That amount usually lasts me to May. I guess word got around I’m a soft touch or something. Have to get more soon.

Time for a quick game of Scrabulous, then I’ll do another hour on the prints.

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