World Series of Birding 2011

The big day is Saturday, May 14th, when over 50 teams of birders will compete in the World Series of Birding to see the most species in 24 hours in the state of New Jersey, all raising funds for conservation groups of their choice. Ellen and I will be on the “Cape May Century Run” team again this year, above is a pic from last year. You can read about our 2010 big day, and our 2009 big day on those links.

It’s a great event, an exhausting day, but lots of fun, and as in the past two years I’ll be offering incentives to any of you who would like to support us and our team with a pledge. Pledges are “per species seen by the team,” and last year we saw 144, the year before 140. If the weather is ideal and the birds cooperate it’s possible we might top 150, but that doesn’t happen too often. You can pledge as little as 10 cents per species, up to $1 per species, or anything in between. The former would have resulted in a donation of $14.40 last year, the latter one of $144. As a point of reference, Ellen and I will each pledge $2 per species ourselves. All contributions go to the Cape May Bird Observatory for their continuing mission of Preservation, Education, Research and Information about birds and nature provided to the general public visiting the Cape May, NJ area, I volunteer at their Cape May Point center once a week, and have been supporting their efforts since the late 80s. Its’ a great organization (part of the New Jersey Audubon Society) and a great and dedicated group of individuals.

So — incentives!

A pledge of 10-25 cents per species will get you a signed recent comic I’ve lettered (my choice) and a signed bookmark.

A pledge of 30-50 cents per species will get you a signed trade paperback of something I’ve lettered (my choice) plus bookmark.

A pledge of 55-75 cents will get you two signed comics AND a signed trade paperback plus bookmark.

A pledge of 80 cents to $1 or more per species will get you your choice of any of my signed prints personalized to you (or my as yet unreleased next one), plus bookmark, and my gratitude! Or if you’d rather, two trade paperbacks of my choice, signed.

If you’d like to pledge, CONTACT ME at that link. Thanks for considering our favorite charity event!

2 thoughts on “World Series of Birding 2011

  1. Erik

    Hi Todd,
    Since you are a birdlover take a look at this link:
    The Dutch society for bird preservation has 8 nests with webcams up for various birds during the nesting season (church owl, eagle owl, stork, barn swallow, nuthatch, kingfisher, purple heron and peregrine),
    I know it’s in Dutch, but perhaps you’ll enjoy it anyway.

  2. Todd Post author

    Thanks, I’ll take a look when I have time. There are similar sites in the U.S.

    Do the birds speak Dutch? ;->

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