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Okay, this may be a completely foolish idea, but here goes. See, I have these bookmarks that I printed up to give out at conventions. I use them myself all the time, and people I’ve given them to have told me they do, too.

So, I thought, perhaps some of you might like to have ones that are personally signed to you, and autographed by me, as above. The cost is $1 per bookmark. They’ll be shipped in a letter-size envelope with cardboard stiffener, and any excess postage generated by my Paypal shopping cart will be refunded. In other words, if you order only one, and get charged the minimum shipping fee, which is way too much in this case, I’ll issue a Paypal refund for the excess when I process the order. (I haven’t figured out an easier way to do that without messing up my Paypal shopping cart.)

I know my prints are pricey for some of you, so here’s a way to get something inexpensive personalized, if you’d like. You can order them HERE, or on my BUY STUFF page if you want other things, too.

Oh, and you might want to have a look at my EBAY auctions, where some of the books I’m selling are lettered by me. If you like, you could bid on them and ask me to sign them if you win, which I’d be happy to do. Just saying.

One thought on “Your Name Here

  1. Chris Bissette

    I’ll take one of them. I’ll even use it.

    The prints look even better now I have frames for them. The next task is to convince my girlfriend to let me hang them!

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