Just released in the spring of 2009, the first 500 copy printing of this 11 by 17 inch signed print is now available. J.H. Williams III has created this exclusive artwork based on my idea and text from Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur depicting a young Arthur pulling the sword from the stone and anvil that will make him the crowned King of England. The text and titles are designed using fonts I created, and each print has elements painted by hand in cobalt blue watercolor. The print is on cream colored Wausau Exacta Vellum Bristol paper, printed in black with gray tones, and signed by both of us. My price is $20 plus shipping. It will be placed in a protective plastic sleeve and mailed in a sturdy mailing tube. Detailed descriptions of the creation of this and all my prints are HERE. To order using PayPal, click the button below.

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