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Logos Title


From 1995 to the present, most of the logos I've created have been done on the computer, though many began as hand-drawn sketches that were scanned and traced in Adobe Illustrator.

ractSiren Logoe

Siren cover logo ©Malibu Comics, Inc.

X Universe Logo

X Universe cover logo ©Marvel Characters, Inc.

Shuriken Logo

Shuriken cover logo ©Malibu Comics, Inc.

Green Goblin Logo

Green Goblin cover logo ©Marvel Characters, Inc.

Cyberpunx Logo

Cyberpunx cover logo ©Rob Liefeld, Extreme Studios

Brainiac Logo

Brainiac logo for licensing, ©DC Comics, Inc.

Challengers Logo

Challengers of the Unknown cover logo ©DC Comics, Inc.

Scare Tactics Logo

Scare Tactics cover logo ©DC Comics, Inc.

Detention Comics Logo

Detention Comics cover logo ©DC Comics, Inc.

Silver Surfer Logo

Silver Surfer cover logo ©Marvel Characters, Inc.

Legionnaires retro Logo

Legionnaires retro cover logo ©DC Comics, Inc.

Green Lantern Dragon Lord Logo

Green Lantern: Dragon Lord cover logo ©DC Comics, Inc.

Iron Man Logo

Iron Man cover logo for Extreme Studios, ©Marvel Characters, Inc.

Superman Electric Logo

Superman electric cover logo ©DC Comics, Inc.

Albion Logo

Albion cover logo, from a layout by Dave Gibbons, ©DC Comics and IPC Media, Ltd.

Ka-Zar Logo

Ka-Zar cover logo ©Marvel Characters, Inc.

Scratch Logo

Scratch cover logo ©DC Comics, Inc.

Terra Obscura Logo

Terra Obscura cover logo, ©America's Best Comics, LLC

Legion of Super Heroes Logo

Legion of Super-Heroes ©DC Comics, Inc.

Scrooge McDuck Logo

Scrooge McDuck cover logo for Gemstone, ©Disney Entertainment, Inc.