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Logos Title


I began creating logos for DC Comics in 1977. Most of my logos were for that company until I began freelancing full-time in 1987. After that I did many logos for other companies as well. Here are a selection of my favorites, with color added.

Batman Logo

Batman: Year One © DC Comics, from a Frank Miller thumbnail sketch

Titans Logos

New Teen Titans cover and character logos, © DC Comics

Amethyst Logo

Amethyst cover logo © DC Comics

Darkseid Logo

Darkseid logo for Kenner and DC Licensing, © DC Comics

Camelot 3000 Logo

Camelot 3000 cover logo, © DC Comics

DC Logos

Various DC cover logos © DC Comics, except The Phantom © King Features

Donald and Scrooge Logo

Donald And Scrooge cover logo for Disney Comics, © Disney

Ursula and Flounder Logos

Character logos from The Little Mermaid for Disney Comics, © Disney

Dr. Strange Logo

Doctor Strange cover logo, © Marvel

Spider-Man Logo

The Amazing Spider-Man cover logo, © Marvel

Angela Logo

Angela cover logo, © Todd McFarlane Productions

X-Men Logo

X-Men cover logo, © Marvel

Magneto Logo

Magneto cover/character logo, © Marvel