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I've read a lot all my life, and since childhood I've also enjoyed writing. As a teenager I thought I might pursue writing as a career, or at least a hobby, but it hasn't worked out that way, except for a few years when I was doing a substantial amount of writing for DC Comics, including a year and a half as the regular writer of THE OMEGA MEN. Those projects are listed and discussed in the sidebar topic.

Omega Men 27 cover

© DC Comics

I've also done other writing, mostly for my own enjoyment, but occasionally for publication, sometimes about comics, sometimes not. I've listed those in their own sidebar topic, with some examples. The largest writing project I've tackled recently (other than this website) was non-fiction: co-authorship of THE DC COMICS GUIDE TO COLORING AND LETTERING COMICS. You can read about that in the HOW TO section.

Since becoming a full-time freelance letterer (and sometimes designer) in 1987, I've had little time to write fiction. The one exception is a short story I wrote on spec for an anthology of Sandman-related stories published by Harper Prism in 1996. Neil Gaiman suggested I submit something, and both he and his co-editor seemed to like what I turned in (though it would have needed to be shorter), but the story didn't make the final lineup. Since references to the world of Sandman are oblique and mostly unnamed, I think I can get away with publishing it here, for those of you who might like to read it. In the sidebar, the title is MERCILESS BEAUTY.

Writing fiction, specifically children's novels, is something I'd like to get back to, whenever I can find the time. Alas, that time is not in the near future, but I hope to get there eventually. Most of my writing these days is on my blog where I research and write articles on comics history.

All text and images © Todd Klein, except as noted. All rights reserved.


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