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Sites and links related to the following sections of this site, please report any that don't work. Note that websites are constantly in flux, and many creators have moved away from websites to social media like Facebook and Twitter, so this is all subject to change.


Neil Gaiman's site is a favorite, though he rarely posts there now. Look for him on Facebook and other social media sites.

Home site for artist Michael Wm. Kaluta, with some great art.

Here's a site devoted to Don Rosa and his work.


A site devoted to Alex Ross and his art.

Here's a site for artist J.H. Williams III:

Some comic book fonts sites, if you're looking to buy, or learn more.

COMPANIES that I do lettering and other work for:

DC Comics, my main employer for the last 30 years.

Marvel Comics, the other big company.

Top Shelf, the company I worked for on recent Alan Moore projects.

Dark Horse Comics, who I occasionally work for on Neil Gaiman projects.

Some comics news sites I visit regularly to see what's happening.


Two of the programs I use most often for computer lettering are made by Adobe: Illustrator and Photoshop, both part of the Creative Suite. I also use Adobe Acrobat to create online proofs and samples. And I used Dreamweaver, now owned by Adobe, to create much of this site. I use their page layout program InDesign as well. Note that Adobe uses a subscription model for their products, which can be expensive.

For font creation I use Fontlab, though Fontographer, the program I used for many years previously, is also now owned and sold by the same company.


The best site for information about any comic published is the Grand Comics Database, and I use and support it regularly.

For over 20 years I attended Comicon International in San Diego, the largest comics and media convention in the U.S., and one of the largest in the world. Learn more here.

I first met Thom Zahler when he was lettering comics for DC and others. Thom now has his own art studio, self-publishes comics he writes and draws, an also designs websites. He gave me some advice for this one, so check out his site when you have a chance.

Mark Evanier not only has a long history in comics himself, he's an expert in many areas of comics history, and knows a lot about other entertainment as well. I check his site often.

Alex Jay is a fellow logo designer, a helpful partner in my comics history research, and a friend. His own blog has lots of fascinating information on his own work, comics history, and design history.

My good friend Tim has a nice site devoted to educational toys, one of which he has recreated and sells. If you enjoy old toys, you'll enjoy taking a look.

I've been a member of the New Jersey Audubon Society since 1986, and a regular volunteer since 1990. If you're interested in birds and nature, you might want to visit their site. If you like reading about nature I can highly recommend the books of Pete Dunne, former director of the Cape May Bird Observatory.

All text and images © Todd Klein, except as noted. All rights reserved.