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Some of these are hard to find, but a lot of the information is duplicated among them, or can also be found on this site, or in the online articles in the sidebar at right.

NEW VENTURE #5, Fall 1976, New Venture Publishing, Pullman, WA. Special Art Issue edited by Steve Fahnestalk and Jon Gustafson. Contains a one-page bio written by me, as well as three pages of my art. This was a short-lived science fiction/fantasy fanzine. This issue was by far the largest, containing art and artist profiles for many of the best in the business at that time, and I was proud to be included.

David Anthony Kraft's COMICS INTERVIEW #3, May 1983, Fictioneer Books Ltd., New York. Contains an interview with me conducted by Steve Riggenberg, three pages with illustrations. Some bio information as well as then-current lettering and writing projects.

MUSINGS #1, May 1993, Calliope Comics, Bellefonte, PA. Edited and published by Steve Tice, this fanzine has a two-page article written by me called "Dream Assignment: Lettering Sandman".

Musings #1 cover

©Calliope Comics, Steve Tice

WIZARD #54, February 1996, Wizard Press. This glossy magazine about comics has a four page article written mostly by me called "Letter Perfect: How to Letter a Comic Book in Seven Easy Steps". Illustrated with many nice photos by Rob Kinmonth. Article intro is by Paul J. Grant.

THE SANDMAN COMPANION, by Hy Bender, Vertigo/DC Comics, 1999. This hardcover book has some quotes and comments from me about lettering SANDMAN, and a few other mentions here and there, all scattered throughout the book.

COMIC BOOK ARTIST #25, June 2003, Two Morrows, Raleigh, NC. Edited by Jon B. Cooke, this semi-pro magazine about comics focuses on Alan Moore's line of America's Best Comics in this issue. Contains a one page article by me about doing the design work for the comics line, over a two-page spread containing many of the logos I did for those comics.

THE EXTRAORDINARY WORKS OF ALAN MOORE, July 2003, TwoMorrows, Raleigh, NC. Compiled and edited by George Khoury, contains a two-page article by me about working with Alan Moore.

HANGING OUT WITH THE DREAM KING, Conversations with Neil Gaiman and his Collaborators, Joseph McCabe, editor. Fantagraphics Books, December 2004. Has a six page interview plus a full-page photo by Sophia Quach and a full-page illustration. Also has some very flattering comments about me by Neil Gaiman, I blush to add.

DRAW! #10, Spring 2005, TwoMorrows, Raleigh, NC. Edited by Michael Manley. This semi-pro magazine about how to draw and create comics contains a 14 page article, with many illustrations and photos, about lettering, compiled by me from transcripts of an online letterers' chat that I hosted from 1995 to 2000. Comments and contributions from many letterers, focusing on hand-lettering.

SCUOLA DI FUMETTO, No. 68, 2009, Rome. An Italian magazine about comics has an interview/article with/about me conducted by Antonio Solinas, also known as "smoky man." It's been translated into Italian, of course, but the article is well designed and has nicely reproduced images.


All text and images ©Todd Klein, except as noted. All rights reserved.


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