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Incoming: THE DON ROSA LIBRARY Volumes 7 & 8

Images © Disney.

I didn’t know about this handsome series until I received these two volumes from Fantagraphics last week. I lettered one story in each volume. The books are European album size I think, with pages 8.5 by 11 inches, therefore larger than any U.S. printings, and on much better paper with sewn bindings, too. I imagine Don’s epic “Life of Scrooge,” which I lettered, is in some of the previous volumes, I haven’t seen those. I love Don’s work, and loved working on his stories, but I remember the stories included here (“Vigilante of Pizen Bluff” and “The Quest for Kalevala”) well enough that I don’t plan to reread them. I will probably reread the other Rosa stories that I didn’t letter, I don’t remember them nearly as well. There’s lots of extra material including commentary by Don and plenty of his art that I haven’t seen before. At 224 pages each for $29.99, this seems like an excellent series, and one I would recommend as Christmas presents for young and old alike. Not sure when they are available, but check with your comics retailer or Fantagraphics.

Incoming: DOOM PATROL Volume 2

Image © DC Comics. Written by Gerard Way, art by Nick Derington, Tom Fowler, Michael Allred and Dan McDaid, colors by Tamra Bonvillain and Laura Allred, letters by Todd Klein.

I had a bunch of incoming packages waiting when I got back from our Thanksgiving trip, and this is one. Writer Gerard Way captures the feel of the Grant Morrison Doom Patrol while going his own way, and Nick Derington, the regular penciller and cover artist, has a style which I find charming and fun while still nailing a wide range of material from dark to light. I had fun working on it. Should be out soon.


Image © DC Comics. Written by Magdalene Visaggio, art by Sonny Liew, colors by Chris Chuckry, letters by Todd Klein.

I had fun working on this quirky mini-series. I knew and loved Sonny Liew’s art from DOCTOR FATE, and was quite impressed with the writing by Magdalene Visaggio. It runs the gamut from despair to comedy while telling the story of a severely damaged woman who has been given the power to destroy everything, and is sorely tempted to use it. I was also able to do a lot of interesting things with the lettering, always a plus.

Should be out in shops soon.


Image © DC Comics.

How sad that Norm did not live to see this collection released. The stories are written by Alan Grant, and come from DETECTIVE COMICS #608-621 and BATMAN #448-451 and #455-459. Norm’s art looks even better to me today than it did when I was lettering it. I think many of us did not appreciate him then as much as we should have. I applaud DC for issuing these, and I hope it brings some reprint income to his family.