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Image © DC Comics.

Just in, this trade paperback collection of the new series I’m lettering. It begins with THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1 (lettered well by Simon Bowland), introducing all four books in the line, then the first six issues of the comic. I hadn’t seen the colors on those by Jordan Boyd before, and I like them, very painterly. The issue covers by Kai Carpenter are quite nice, too, I’d not seen all of them. Working digitally does have it’s quirks. I’m happy with the way this series is going, you should decide for yourself. On sale July 10 in shops.

Incoming: THE WRONG EARTH Volume 1

Image © Ahoy Comics

Nice of them to send me this first collection, all I did was the logo. I enjoyed reading the “first season” of WRONG EARTH, and I think it’s my favorite of the Ahoy first season titles. Tom Peyer’s writing on the lead stories is a fine mix of superhero homage, humor and character moments as the two versions of the main character end up on the wrong world and must find their way in them. One world is warm and retro, the other cold and gritty. A fun idea handled well. The art by Jamal Igle and Juan Castro is equally appealing, and the backups by Paul Constant, Gary Erskine, Frank Cammuso and others are fun too. This should be out soon if it isn’t already.

Incoming: BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT Hardcover

Image © DC Comics.

It’s unusual for DC to release a hardcover after a trade paperback, but that’s what’s happening with this miniseries I lettered. I enjoyed both the writing and the art by Sean Murphy, and Matt Hollingsworth’s colors are amazing, as always. “The Joker Goes Sane!” is the back cover blurb, which sums it up well. Should be out in May.

Incoming: KINGDOM COME new Trade Paperback

Image © DC Comics

I’ve just received copies of this new version of the 1996 award-winning series I lettered. It’s 392 pages, and seems to include all the extras from all the previous versions including the 20th Anniversary edition. Not bad for $19.99. I’m a little sad that they redid all the design work and eliminated nearly all the uses of the Kingdom Come font that Alex and I created for the original run, replacing it with the small bland one seen on the cover, but on the other hand, that does leave lots more room for art in some cases, so not such a bad thing. Amazon shows it on sale May 7, comics retailers may well have it sooner, but I can’t find a release date. Coming soon, anyway.