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Image © DC Entertainment.

I lettered about half the fourteen issue run of this fine series by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan from 1982-83. It’s mix of Kolchak the Night Stalker, Doctor Strange and Marv’s Dracula, sort of. Excellently written and drawn. I loved working on it, but I’m not too fond of my lettering here, especially when it’s put next to the stellar work of John Costanza, who did the rest. If you like creepy mysteries, give it a try.

Image © Mark Evanier and, I guess Marvel.

This book did not arrive in the mail or by UPS, it was handed to me by the author at Baltimore Comic-Con. It’s a revised and expanded edition of the 2008 hardcover. The format is a hybrid of soft- and hard-covers: glued binding, and cover boards that are thinner than a hardcover but thicker than a trade paperback, and they extend out beyond the pages like a hardcover. This edition has the logo on it that I designed for Mark in 2007 or so, which was rejected at the time. We’re both glad to see it on this edition, which is the one I will be keeping on my own bookshelf. Eventually I will read it, too!


Images © DC Entertainment.

Just arrived is the third and final collection of the recent LUCIFER series I lettered written by Richard Kadrey and Holly Black, art mostly by Lee Garbett. I enjoyed working on this, you might give the series a try, if you haven’t yet. Nothing like the TV show, based on the Neil Gaiman version of the character as written in a previous series by Mike Carey too.

I also received this new printing of BATMAN YEAR ONE, something I lettered thirty years ago that has remained in print ever since. Not my best work in my opinion, but the story and art are tops.

Both should be available soon if they aren’t already.

Incoming: CLEAN ROOM Volume 3

Image © Gail Simone and DC Comics.

The third and final collection of CLEAN ROOM has arrived, which covers issues 13 to 18 of the monthly series. It’s the final one as far as I know, wrapping up the DC run in fine fashion. Gail Simone has created a story that is really scary, and characters that are engaging, vulnerable, courageous, cowardly, fragile, heroic, caring…in other words, human…to balance the brutal, sadistic aliens from somewhere else that can take over the human mind and body, often without those around them even knowing it. It’s great stuff. The art on this book is by Walter Geovani, and just as good as on the first two books, which had art by Jon Davis-Hunt. I’m going to miss working on this series, I highly recommend it.


Image © DC Comics.

Just received my advance copies of this trade paperback, collecting WW issues 206-217 and the crossover issue 219 of THE FLASH. I really enjoyed working on this run with Greg, pencillers Drew Johnson and Rags Morales, and cover artist J.G. Jones. I think it still looks and reads great. I’m happy that the success of the Wonder Woman film is getting much of her past comics work back into print, including some I worked on. There should be enough Rucka issues for a third collection. This one is out July 5th, looks like.

Incoming: DARK NIGHT Trade Paperback

Image © DC Comics.

I’ve been unable to determine a release date for this trade paperback version of the wonderful original graphic novel I lettered that arrived here this week. The hardcover came out on June 15, 2016, so I expect the softcover version will be out some time in the next few weeks. It’s much more than a Batman story, telling an autobiographical tale of events that happened to writer Paul Dini that changed his life and came near to ending it. The hardcover is nominated for an Eisner this year for Best Reality-based Work. I highly recommend it.