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Another massive Omnibus hardcover has arrived, this one weighing about five pounds and running 792 pages. This is a new second edition. It collects the bookend titles, which I lettered, and seven four-issue miniseries. Lots of top artists joined Morrison, from J.H. Williams III to Doug Mahnke, and plenty more. I confess I only read what I needed to know from the miniseries, but I enjoyed the bookends. It’s due out Nov 28, check with your retailer, or use the Amazon link below. Retail price is $125.

Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison Omnibus


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Just arrived is this thick, oversized hardcover collecting all the Dead Boy Detective stories from many DC comics, starting with THE SANDMAN #25 and continuing through two miniseries and many other shorter appearances. I lettered many of them, and enjoyed the characters and the stories. Writers include Neil Gaiman, Ed Brubaker, and Toby Litt, artists include Mark Buckingham, Bryan Talbot, Steve Leialoha, Matt Wagner, and Jill Thompson. Retail price is $100. Amazon shows a release date of Oct 10th. Link below, or order from your comics retailer.

The Dead Boy Detectives Omnibus


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Just arrived here is another giant collection of comics I lettered. iZOMBIE ran for 28 issues from Vertigo, written by Chris Roberson, art by Michael and Laura Allred. I’ve never been a zombie fan, but these stories were interesting and fun, with great writing and art. There’s also some new material. The series became a popular CW TV series that ran five seasons from 2015 to 2019. I think there was already an omnibus under the Vertigo imprint, this version is due out Oct 24, 2023. Order from your comics retailer or use the link below. Retail price $125.

The iZombie Omnibus

Incoming: SANDMAN BOOK SIX Trade Paperback, Netflix Tie-in

Cover art by Dave McKean, images © DC Comics

DC continues to put out Sandman collections in support of the Netflix live-action series. If that series gets to about Season Six, they might reach some of this material. Included are SANDMAN: THE DREAM HUNTERS by Gaiman, adapted by P. Craig Russell, SANDMAN: OVERTURE by Gaiman and J.H. Williams III, and SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1 plotted by Neil, written and drawn by Tom Fowler and Bilquis Evely among others. I think the McKean covers are new. Retail price is $34.99. Due out August 1st. Check with your comics retailer, or there’s an Amazon link below.

Sandman Book Six


Image © DC Comics

A new printing of this massive deluxe hardcover has arrived. The only difference I see on the outside from the 2018 printing is the replacement of the Vertigo logo with a DC one. It’s surprising to me that the original series came out ten years ago, it seems more recent, but that happens when you’re old! Written by Neil Gaiman, art by J.H. Williams III, who also did some of the coloring, the rest is by Dave Stewart, lettered by me. Actually a prequel to the Sandman series, so not a bad place to start. Certainly the best printing and paper, not to mention larger size than other editions. Retail price $150. My copies will go on eBay some time in August probably. Amazon link below.

Sandman Overture Absolute Edition