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Incoming: ECHOLANDS HC, Amazing Fantasy 1000

ECHOLANDS BOOK ONE Hardcover © 2022 J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman

The six issues of this unusual series that I lettered over the past few years is now out in a handsome hardcover edition from Image. Done entirely in landscape format with each pair of pages forming a single layout (except the first and last pages of each issue), it was fun and challenging with lots of special lettering styles for me to figure out. I thought the story was great, an epic adventurous romp through a variety of settings and genres. If you’ve been waiting for a collection, here it is, retail price $34.99. Needless to say the art is fabulous!

AMAZING FANTASY #1000 #1, Oct 2022 © Marvel

Also received is this square-bound comic full of interesting short Spider-Man stories including one written by Neil Gaiman with art by Steve McNiven that I lettered. If you’ve ever seen Jonathan Ross’s film about Steve Ditko, some of this will be familiar, but from Neil’s point of view. It was decades apart, but we’ve both met Steve Ditko, and the story explains how meaningful that was to Neil. Retail price on this is $7.99.

Incoming: THE SANDMAN BOOK 4 Trade Paperback

All images © DC Comics. Covers by Michael Wm. Kaluta and Dave McKean

The fourth and final volume of new Sandman trade paperbacks has arrived, with two variant covers. Note the tie-in to the upcoming Netflix live-action series, which does not have a release date as I write this, but will certainly be out this year. DC Comics is making sure book and comics retailers have lots of the source material on hand for potential new readers when it does. Many probably still have the hardcover editions as well, and some retailers have their own special versions too. Then there’s THE ANNOTATED SANDMAN, which is also being reprinted. All good, but is anyone reading them? This one is due out in May. If you’d like it or the other recent versions, check with your retailer or use the link below for Amazon.

The Sandman Book Four


Images © DC Comics.

The Sandman onslaught continues with this new arrival, a new printing of the first book of four, originally released in 2012. This is identical to the first printing as far as I can tell except for the replacement of the Vertigo imprint label with a DC Black Label, and perhaps the price is different, not sure. There doesn’t seem to be any changes in the text or new material. I devoured many other Annotated classics over the years, and have a half dozen in my own library. The annotations by Leslie Klinger are mainly for literary references, he doesn’t consider, or perhaps doesn’t know about many of the references in the art and writing to other things in comics, and really doesn’t have much to say about the art at all, but what he does cover is thoroughly done. Still, lots of pages of the comic, reproduced in black and white with colors rendered as gray tones in some places, with no notes at all. I thought when it came out, and still think, that having a co-writer from the comics history arena would have made a more interesting book, but it is what it is, and I’m sure these will still be enjoyable and interesting for many Sandman fans. Original retail price is $49.99. Check with your comics retailer or use the Amazon link below to order. Should be out soon if it isn’t already.

The Annotated Sandman Volume One

Incoming: BATMAN, THE DARK KNIGHT DETECTIVE Volume 6 Trade Paperback

Image © DC Comics, cover art by Michael Golden

DC continues their reprints of Batman material with this volume. It collects DETECTIVE COMICS #622-633 from 1990-1991. Writers are Peter Milligan, Marv Wolfman, John Ostrander and Alan Grant. Pencilers are Jim Aparo, Flint Henry, Mike McKone, Norm Breyfogle and Tom Mandrake. Inkers add Mike DeCarlo, José Marzán Dr., Steve Mitchell and Steve Leialoha. I lettered four of those issues. It’s kind of fun to see them again, but I have to admit I don’t have any desire to reread them. If you do, or if you haven’t read them, these collections are a good value for the retail price of $24.99, about two dollars per issue. Amazon lists the release date as May 3rd, comics retailers may get it sooner. Check with yours, or there’s an Amazon link below.

Batman The Dark Knight Detective Volume 6

Incoming: THE SANDMAN BOOK THREE Trade Paperbacks

Images © DC Comics. Cover art by Michael Wm. Kaluta and Dave McKean

These new trade paperback printings in advance of the upcoming Netflix TV series are arriving here at the astonishing rate of one per week. There’s no release date yet for the show other than 2022, but comics retailers and bookstores should be ready for any new readers if they’ve ordered these. One cover is new from Dave McKean I think, the other reprints the Kaluta cover from the recent hardcover edition. Volume Three includes original issues 38 to 56 and a story from VERTIGO PREVIEW #1. This book was just listed on Amazon as coming out in May, Books One and Two are listed as coming out in April. A link below will show what’s currently available there, or check with your comics retailer or bookstore.

The Sandman Book 3