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Image © DC Entertainment. Written and illustrated by Frank Miller.

This is a new black and white edition of the sequel to Miller’s BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT from 2001-2002. The original was colored by Lynn Varley, I lettered it by hand (one of the last DC projects for that, I think). It was not the ringing success of the first one, but it certainly has its moments. I believe it goes on sale March 28. The book is a little larger than the first printing, and without color, Frank’s every line is in the spotlight. If you’re a Miller fan, you’ll enjoy that, as I did.


Image © DC Entertainment.

I loved this series when it was new, and enjoyed the chance to letter some of them. Both Marv and George were excellent separately, and even better together. This thick book collects issues 21-41 plus a crossover with BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #5, and has introductions by the creators. On sale date is Feb. 21st. This may be the second prining, from what I see online.

Incoming: KINO #1, SHADOW OF THE BAT Vol. 3

Image © The Lion Forge LLC.

The first issue of a new series I’m lettering for Lion Forge, part of their Catalyst Prime overall storyline, but it reads fine on its own. Each of the first four issues contains a “retro” 1970s superhero section that was fun to do. Written by Joe Casey, art by Jefte Palo. If it’s not out yet, it will be soon. Nice logo by Rian Hughes!

Image © DC Entertainment.

Volume 3 of the SHADOW OF THE BAT in trade paperback is due out January 10th. I’m enjoying looking back at these, haven’t seen them since I lettered them in 1993-94. Collects issues 24-31, 0 and Annual 2 (lettered by Albert DeGuzman).


Image © Elaine Lee and Michael Wm. Kaluta.

After what seems like years of work, it’s finally here! The new Starstruck hardcover, sequel to the previous one, and built on stories that appeared mainly in the Epic (Marvel) version of Starstruck. Lots of new material has been added, the lettering has been heavily revised by me (I wasn’t the original letterer on the Marvel material. Some has been relettered, some has not). The colors by Lee Moyer are all new, and gorgeous. The printing and presentation are excellent. If you’ve never read Starstruck, you can certainly start here, though familiarity with the earlier material adds insight. Not sure when is is out from IDW, U.S. price is $39.99. There is a Kickstarter version also long in the works, not sure where that stands at present, but check the Kickstarter page.

Images © DC Entertainment.

Also just arrived is a new printing of the deluxe boxed hardcover edition of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE WORLD’S GREATEST SUPER-HEROES. This collects six tabloid-size comics written by Paul Dini with amazing painted art by Alex Ross  that came out originally from 1998 to 2003. Four focus on individual characters: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Captain Marvel. The other two are about the Justice League as a group. This collection includes tons of extra material, and an eight-page foldout featuring every JLA character, which may be new for this printing. Not sure when it’s out, the U.S. price is $75.


Images © DC Entertainment.

Volume 7 collects issues 50-58 of the original series from 1991, all lettered by me except for one lettered by John Costanza. I like the lettering I did here, and I remember liking the writing and art at the time. DC is apparently going to reprint the entire series, good for them.

This hardcover collects the “Batman: Year Two” storyline from Detective Comics #575-578, 1987, by Mike W. Barr and Alan Davis (first issue) then Todd McFarlane. Also BATMAN: FULL CIRCLE, a sequel from 1991 by Barr and Davis. I lettered the final DETECTIVE issue and FULL CIRCLE. Both were good, as I recall. I’ve worked with just about everyone, but I didn’t recall ever lettering a Todd McFarlane story.

Not sure when these are due out, but they should be available soon.