It’s a Print! It’s a Game! It’s GO FREELANCE!

Images © Shawn McManus and Todd Klein, all rights reserved.

Forgive me if I talk about myself in the third person for a moment.

Todd Klein is proud to announce his latest signed print, in collaboration with artist Shawn McManus. Not only an elaborate piece of art and lettering, GO FREELANCE! is a board game that outlines the lives of two budding comics artists. It’s written, designed and lettered by Todd with over fifty wonderful spot illustrations by Shawn in a 1950s-advertising art style that’s sure to bring a smile.

Here you’ll meet Artie and Scribbler as they make their way from childhood to retirement through the challenges, pitfalls, rewards and catastrophes of a creative livelihood…

…their original creations, terrific T-Man and the mysterious Master of None…

…plus other characters like the Old Pro, and a special guest appearance by a certain Top Writer!

As with the previous seven prints in this alphabetical series (representing letters A to F and H), G for GO FREELANCE! is printed in black (with gray tones) on 11 by 17-inch cardstock-thickness Exact Vellum Bristol, this time in Ivory color, and each one is hand-painted with green spot-colors by Todd and signed by both McManus and Klein in a limited edition of 500 copies. Shawn and Todd have been working together since their 1985 collaboration on DC Comics’ THE OMEGA MEN, and had a great time putting together this light-hearted look at the world behind the comics we all love.

Each print sells for $20 plus shipping on the BUY STUFF page of Todd’s website, along with all the other prints in the series and further intriguing items. Prints are shipped in a sturdy mailing tube by First Class mail and usually arrive in a few days (inside the U.S.) or a week or two (elsewhere).

Why not get two, one to frame and one to play? And be sure to tell your comics-fan friends, they’ll want them, too! If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a comics professional you’ll enjoy following in the footsteps of Artie and Scribbler in GO FREELANCE!

For a larger image of the print, go HERE.

Todd and Shawn thank you for your support and hope to hear from you soon. You can also read more about my prints on the SIGNED PRINTS page of this blog.

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  1. Marcel Souza

    That’s great Todd! Order done! 2 more prints to Brazil, please! 😉
    Thanks and best regards,

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